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2018 and the Tale of the Do-Over

January 27, 2018

I started this blog in early 2016, almost 2 years ago as I write this, and I gave it trivial effort, then forgot about it.  I would like to change that now.  Let’s have a do-over, shall we?  Hi, I’m Erin.  I used to have a handsome husband (Wonderful Steve), a big house, a dog (stinky Sammy), and was without my professional license or master’s degree.  Now, I still have the handsome husband, we have a smaller house, a cat in place of stinky Sammy (her name is Delilah or more realistically, “Kitty”), a master’s degree, and am “duly licensed as a Professional Engineer in Civil Engineering”.  Big changes, some sad and some happy – more details can be found at my “Inflection Point” post.  If you’re in need of a change (like, away from this blog!), I recommend these wonderful and very different blogs by two superb women I know: From the Ravens and Marbles + Coffee. 

My new goal is to blog once a week, because practice makes perfect, right?  And who says you have to start a new year’s commitment in January (it’s almost February as I write this now)?  Marketers for gyms, that’s who.  Now if you are a marketer for a gym, you’re not a chump, I just wanted to shrug off that guilty I-didn’t-start-“on-time” feeling I had about all of this.  I have talked about challenges before, in this blog.  And this is no different.  And there will be more.  Was that a dramatic-enough string of sentences?  Like I said, practice makes perfect.  I am excited to be in a different place in my life, where there is no school work to do, and I get to work on myself as a project.  There are many new goals, challenges, and adventures to be had.  Step right on up, folks: we’ve got fitness; we’ve got diet; we’ve got new languages; we’ve got new travels; we’re paying down debts; we’ve got semi-colons; we’re blogging; and heck, we might even be golfing.  We’ve got it all, so stay tuned! 

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