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Bachelorette in the City

March 8, 2016

I am Mork from Ork, Nanu Nanu.

I am spending a week in San Francisco (SF), taking a class for work, and I couldn’t be more excited now that I am here. I have always wanted to live in a big city SF, but I never took the leap for all kinds of reasons (of which I’ll keep for now). To me, there has always been such a romantic allure to this city. This is a place where you can hide in plain sight, or stand out like a sore thumb, depending on who is looking around. People are who they are here, without apology, and that sense of freedom (or at least, the perceived sense), has always appealed to me. When I was younger and an aspiring San Franciscan, I pictured myself living in a trendy apartment with a small dog or a husband (usually I didn’t hope for both – I guess practical me didn’t want things to get too crowded), owning an old bicycle that didn’t take me too fast through traffic, and bearing tattoo sleeves and a ring-pierced nose. I dreamed that I would have a creative, yet purposeful job, and for fun I would play soccer in Balboa Park and maybe play trumpet in a small band on the weekends. I would have lots of friends from all walks of life, and I would feed them Indian and Chinese foods that I made with ease in my small, yet very organized and well-stocked kitchen. I would be well versed in at least one other language and I would know all there is to know about beer and wine. Sometimes I would have blue hair, or a mowhak, or even just a plain pixie. But always, I would be happy, but more importantly, I would be cool.

As luck would have it, none of those things were specifically in the cards for me. Instead, I have stinky Sammy dog AND wonderful Steve husband, although they are both quite big for an SF apartment (one is 100 pounds and the other is 6’6″ tall… you can guess who is whom). I don’t own a bicycle and all of my tattoos can be hidden with a T-shirt and sensible shoes. I still pine for that nose ring, but as it was explained to me by a stylish and sensible coworker, “if you don’t have one by about the age of 24, that ship should sail.” I am about a decade past that, but still can’t shake the feeling that I was meant to have one (shall I say ‘destined’? No, I shan’t). I became an engineer, which means that what I do is not particularly creative, but it is full of purpose. Having studied for, and trained in said vocation, I have not had time for a real hobby in years (aside from running, but always missing that soccer ball plunking along in front of my feet). Also because of said vocation and limited time factor, I don’t have very many friends and haven’t mastered any kind of culinary, imbibe, or language skills. BUT! I do have my pixie cut, although with years of inactivity and a healthy appetite, my face shape doesn’t lending itself to the iconic pixie look I was ultimately going for. I am doing alright for myself, but I still feel the Call of the Wild, or rather, the Call of the Mild, now and then.

When I got married almost four years ago, I confessed to wonderful Steve that never abandoning my small town credentials for a grand adventure in SF left me with a tinge of regret. His answer (being the smarty pants that he is), was to reassure me that one day when we are financially able to, we would rent an apartment here for a couple weeks, or even a month. That way, I could get my Big City living experience without the commitment of finding jobs for both of us and a place to live permanently. He really is great… AHEM – most of the time (I don’t need him getting a big head). For now, that is our plan, so when I was accepted to take a training class here in SF for a week, I jumped at the idea. I admit that at first, I was a little hesitant to come, since I have a lot going on in my normal day-to-day, but here I am. I just brought a lot of the day-to-day with me.

I was lucky enough to be chosen to attend the Princeton Groundwater Pollution and Hydrology class, almost all expenses paid (I have a daily food allowance that I have already gone over once). So, as different luck would have it, I am here, living in SF for the week… and I don’t have to pay for it! I live a charmed life and I am very grateful. I arrived at lunch on Sunday and have already logged over 11 miles of walking, and that’s including sitting in class for 9 hours today! The class is very interesting, expanding on topics I learned both in Undergrad and Graduate school. I was very surprised to see that the class is made up of over 60% women, and during this week of International Women’s Day (tomorrow), I couldn’t be more proud. Check out Google’s Doodle for this day, it’s great!

Thanks for reminiscing with me and for reading this entry. I hope that no matter how your life has turned out, it’s been a worthwhile and exciting journey for you. I feel if you can find peace, flexibility, understanding, and acceptance in the day-to-day, you will be alright with everything else. So peace be with you and have yourself a wonderful tomorrow.

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